Home health is best with an in-home nurse, RN, CNA, or Aide in Orlando and Jacksonville, FL

Brandon Groover founded Elite Home Health due to his own experiences in caring for his grandmother. He knew what compassionate care by an in-home nurse could and should be from a patient’s perspective, especially with an RN, CNA, or Aide. Brandon found that the quality of care that patients need and deserve is difficult to find. So, he decided that the home health industry would greatly benefit from a dedicated nurse team and other experienced and compassionate professionals who would treat patients the way they would treat their own families; with dignity and respect. Home health is a special calling.

Brandon’s staff of caring individuals have a competitive pay scale that is high enough to ensure that they each excel in their area of expertise and to allow the company to provide only the best to every patient. He also created a warm and nurturing environment for patients and staff, so partnerships develop and both feel cared for and valued.

ToGuy Smiling during treatment with Elite Home Health properly treat a patient’s medical issues, it’s important to address mental well-being, too. For this reason, Elite Home Health offers Health and Wellness Education and the services of a Life Coach, which complements the medical services provided and allows for the best possible home health outcome.

Elite Home Health is truly a different kind of healthcare organization. Our patients come first… every time.